Frequently asked questions

Arrival & General Info

1. Check-in and check-out times?

Check-in and check-out is on Saturdays. Check-in is from 10.00 am until 6.00 pm when boarding starts. Check-out and debarkation is no later than 9.00 am. The yachts need to be back in their marinas by Friday evening.

2. Where do I check-in and check-out?

Check-in is at our Hospitality desk in your designated marina which is stated on your booking confirmation. Check-out is at the same marina.

3. When do I board my yacht?

Boarding starts at 6.00 pm after you check-in at our Hospitality desk. Check-out and debarkation is no later than 9.00 am.

4. What happens if I can’t make it on time for the yacht departure on Saturday?

If you’ve booked a yacht, you needn’t worry, as your skipper will sail you to your next island destination regardless of being late. The party doesn’t start until you arrive, right?

In case you miss the departure time, and you are a cabin booker, you need to make your way out to the yachts yourself. We do not provide any transfers out to the yachts once they have set sail.

5. Can I join the Sail2Sonus for less than a week?

No, it’s not possible to book a cabin or a yacht for less than 7 days. You can join later and/or leave earlier but you would still be required to cover the price of a full week. Please keep in mind that you will need to cover the transportation costs to and from the yacht yourself.

6. Is there a luggage weight limit?

No, but remember that storage space on the yachts is limited so we recommend taking duffle bag type of luggage.

7. Can I book flights through Sail2Sonus?

No, this service isn’t provided.

8. Can I buy Sonus tickets through Sail2Sonus?

Yes, and you can select your standard or VIP Sonus Festival ticket through our cabin and yacht booking forms. For more information contact us directly.

9. Do I have to follow the Sail2Sonus route?

We tend to keep all the boats together on the route but slight detours are possible in agreement with your skipper.

10. Do you have any age restrictions?

Our guests need to be 18 or above to book.

11. How many yachts will there be in the flotilla?

This depends on how many bookings we get, therefore we cannot guarantee a specific number of yachts during the Sonus week.

12. How much experience do you have?

We’ve been organising sailing events since 1997. In the past, it used to be competitive regattas with a party and fashion show on land. We realized that people want to combine swimming, sun, parties, sailing and they want to enjoy the beauty of the islands. Therefore, in 2009 we started organising Yacht weeks. This year we are also organising our first Sail 2 Sonus week focused especially on the Sonus festival.

13. Can you give me an estimated cost for the week?

The cost for the week depends on the yacht you choose. All available yachts with prices and a guide with additional costs are available on our website. You will have to pay for flights, transfers (that are not included in the price), food and drinks off and on board, island tours yourself. As an example you will spend a similar amount daily as you would on any other holiday. But then you can make it cheaper if you choose to eat all your meals on the yacht.

For cabin bookers this is slightly different as the Skipper and Hostess are not optional. For the full list of differences click here.

Booking Info

1. How can I join Sail2Sonus?

Book a yacht with a group of friends.

Book a cabin with a friend.

2. After making the booking when do I need to pay for the yacht?

The first payment is due within 24 hours of making the booking. Second payment is due 90 days before Sail2Sonus start date – due till May 21st. The third, and last, payment is due 60 days before Sail2Sonus start date – due till June 20th.

3. When do I receive the joining instructions?

You will receive the joining instructions to your preferred mail address no later than 2 weeks prior departure, alongside with all the information relevant for your Sail2Sonus week.

4. When is the cut-off date for adding new crew members to my yacht (Yacht Bookers)?

The crew list needs to be finalised 1 week before your departure.

5. What is the Crew List?

The Crew List is a register with the Croatian Marine authority. All yachts need to have a valid Crew List sent in one week ahead to be able to sail.  Name and surname, birth place, birth country, nationality, date of birth, type of identification document and passport number are all required fields within the Crew List.

6. Can I show up on site and join a crew without any previous arrangements?

No, this is not possible as the charter companies need to prepare and submit the crew lists to local maritime authorities a week earlier.

7. What’s a security deposit and why do I need to pay it?

Everyone who books a yacht or a cabin needs to pay a deposit. You can choose to pay the deposit either by credit card or in cash. The deposit is a kind of insurance that you pay to the charter company during check-in. It is used as security against any damages caused to the yacht during the week. If there is no damage done at check-out of the yacht by the end of the week you will be refunded the entire amount. The full price of the security deposit can be divided between everyone on board.

Please bear in mind if you make payment by your credit card, the hold on your credit card will be released by the charter company upon check-out, but sometimes it takes even a month for the funds to be credited back to your credit card.

8. What do the Sonus VIP tickets include?

Benefits include:

  • Access VIP areas in all three clubs; Club Aquarius, Club Kalypso, Club Papaya
  • Fast-lane entries
  • Dedicated VIP toilets and washrooms
  • Special VIP wristband

Skippers & Hostesses

1. When will the skipper/hostess be assigned to our yacht?

The skippers and hostesses will be assigned to your yacht no later than two weeks before departure.

2. Would choosing a hostess affect number of spots showing on the booking page?

Yes, the booking page will withdraw 2 spots from the total of spots available at your yacht the moment you chose to have a hostess on board.

3. What happens if I remove a hostess or a skipper from my booking?

If you remove a hostess or a skipper from your booking while still not having settled all your instalments, you will be required to pay an additional 80 Euro penalty fee. After you have completed your payments it is no longer possible to cancel a skipper or hostess.

4. Can I request a specific skipper/hostess?

It is possible to ask for a specific hostess or a skipper by sending us an e-mail to, however, there is a charge of 50 Euro for this specific request.

5. What are our obligations towards the skipper?

The skipper is there to manage the sailing yacht, keep an eye on maritime meteorology and all other aspects of navigation. Your skipper will inform you about safety procedures, which you need to comply with while on board. The skipper needs to have their own bed on the yacht. Make sure to treat them like a king or a queen and in return they will help out whenever you need it! If you are happy with the skipper’s service, it is customary to leave a tip by the end of the week.

6. Where can I find more information about required skipper licenses if I want to be a guest skipper?

Please take a look here.

7. How can I change my booking to be a guest skipper?

You can change to a guest skipper at any time before you pay for the yacht in full for an administrative fee of 80 Euro. Just send an email to and they will help you.

8. How do I get in contact with my hostess before the event?

You will be able to view the hostesses contact details on your booking and get in contact a few weeks before your event starts so that you can discuss special requests, menus and what to buy on the first day. In case you decided to deal with food on your own (not our food packages), the hostess will help out with the shopping and advise you how much you will need for the week, but someone will have to join her at the store to help her carry everything and to pay.

9. How much does a hostess cost?

Hostess’s costs 650 Euro. If you were happy with her service, it is customary to tip your hostess.

Croatia Travel Info

1. Do I need a visa to enter Croatia?

Please check the following website to find out.

2. What currency is used in Croatia?

The official currency in Croatia is the Kuna (HRK). Despite being part of the EU, Croatia hasn’t adopted the Euro yet. At major tourist hubs there are plenty of exchange bureaus.

3. How do I get from Zadar Airport to the marina?

There’s a few ways you can actually get there.

Taxi service:

Taxi from the Airport ranges from 300 Kuna to 450 Kuna.

Public transportation.

At present, Sail2Sonus is not organising transfers from the airport to the marinas or back.

Yacht Life

1. Are there ATM’s anywhere? Where can we take out money while at sea?

You will find ATM’s in every town/place we go, except uninhabited bays.

2. Is there a supermarket close to the starting marina?

There is a supermarket nearby most of our starting marinas, and there are shops on islands we sail to. We recommend that you stock your boat with food and drinks on the mainland as the shops on the islands are pricier.

Marina Tankerkomerc in Zadar – There is a large supermarket in walking distance from the marina. Make your purchases after the check in with the charter company.

Marina Mandalina in Šibenik – There is a supermarket store nearby this marina. Bear in mind that this marina is a bit out of town.

Marina Dalmacija in Sukošan – the marina is very modern and spacious, located nearby the Zadar train station. There are shops nearby.

3. Is there a place in the marina where I can store my luggage?

Marina Dalmacija provides luggage storage spaces.

4. What outlets or voltage will be available on the yacht?

The 220V European outlets can be used only when the boat is docked in marina and connected to power from the shore or when the boat is running its engine. In other cases you can bring a car charger adapter with you as there is a 12V outlet also available on the boat.

5. Will there be linen and towels provided on the yacht?

Yes, but beach towels are not included.

6. Is there air conditioning available on the yacht?

The yachts do not provide AC by default, only large monohulls and some of the catamarans have AC. Check in the yacht descriptions if your yacht has this feature.

7. Is there a shower on the yacht?

Yes, but water supply is limited so take advantage of the showers in the marinas when possible.

8. Is there a fridge on the yacht?

Yes, there’s a small fridge with limited space on each yacht. Be careful not to buy easily spoiled food in bulk (i.e. meat, cheese, milk). Rather complement your food supplies with such food along the way.

9. What can I do in the ports?

Your skipper and/or hostess will be able to tell you everything about your port of call. What we propose is, that once on land, you explore as much as possible and the best way to do that is to rent a scooter, a bike, a car or even a jet-ski. If you want to go for guided tours please ask your skipper and/or hostess for assistance.

10. Is there a possibility to rent a motor yacht?

Yes, you can! Please browse our yachts to find one, or contact us directly at

Cabin Bookings

1. What type of yacht will I be on?

Two weeks before the event, you will receive an email with the exact details about the type and name of the yacht. Usually cabin booking yachts are 13 m in length consisting of 4 cabins, meaning you will be sharing with 6 other people + skipper and hostess, but depending on how many bookings we have that week, the yacht might be smaller or bigger.

2. We are four people in total that would like to be on the same yacht, is it possible?

Yes, if we have availability. Four is the max number of travellers that can be accommodated on the same boat. Please contact us at and we’ll see if it’s possible.

3. When will I know who I will be sharing the yacht with?

Two weeks before the event starts, you will receive an email with all the necessary information. From that moment on, you and your yacht mates can contact each other and introduce yourselves.

4. What type of food will be served on board?

For our cabin bookers, breakfasts and lunches are included in the price. We serve well-balanced meals that are suitable for life on board. Please let us know if you have any specific food sensitivities and/or allergies. Alternatively, you can choose to sort out the food on yachts on your own. For any special requests please contact us directly at

Payments / Cancellations

1. Where do I pay?

Once you have selected your yacht or a cabin, simply follow the instructions for the payment procedure.

2. What happens if the first invoice isn’t paid on time?

If we don’t receive the first installment within 24 hours, your booking will get cancelled.

3. Can I get an extension for the 1st payment?

No. You need to pay the first invoice within 24 hours of booking in order to secure the yacht. The booking is not fully confirmed until we have the full amount of the first invoice.

4. How do we split the payment amongst our crew?

When booking a yacht, usually it is one person that is the main contact responsible for that booking and payment plan. If you wish to receive multiple payment links so that everyone in the crew pays their own share, you may request this service free of charge on this mail:

5. How do I know when to pay my installments?

Check your booking confirmation for all the information regarding your payment plan.

6. Can I pay by wire transfer?

Yes, further information is detailed here.

7. Do I have to pay a transaction (processing) fee when I pay my invoice?

Yes, all credit cards will be charged a transaction fee. Only debit cards are free of these fees.

8. Will the charter company withdraw the deposit from my card or only put it on hold?

The money should just be on hold and then it depends on your bank how many days it will take before you can access the money again after the charter company has released it at your check-out. Some banks do it instantly and some banks hold them for a few weeks.

9. If you lower the cost on a similar boat to the one I booked am I allowed to swap for a cheaper option?

You can’t transfer your booking to another yacht after your reservation is finalised.

10. Will I get my money back if I cancel my yacht booking?

The amount, if any, that you will get back if you cancel your booking depends on how close to your departure the cancellation is made. You can find more info in our Terms and Conditions.

11. I cannot join my crew, can I get a refund for my spot (Yacht Booking)?

You will need to resolve this issue within your crew. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your part as we don’t make individual refunds. Your crew needs to pay for the yacht in full, no matter how many people there are on it in the end.

12. I want to cancel my spot, can I get a refund (Cabin Booking)?

The refund is determined by the booking cancellation policy.

Sail2Sonus Info

1. Will I have to wake up early to sail?

Not at all. You can wake up as early or as late as you wish to. Your skipper will, however, wake up at 9 am to sail your boat to another amazing island location. You’ll wake up surrounded by the clear blue sea and a serene bay for all your senses to be soothed. Unless you are particularly prone to sea sickness, you’ll be more rested than those sleeping in tents or noisy rooms, we can tell you that.

2. Will I be able to attend Sonus Festival program?

By all means yes! Sail2Sonus is all about living the spirit of electronic music – on yachts! Each day we sail away to a new island location, but each day we are back to Zrće beach in time to catch Sonus Festival acts in the afternoon hours. You will have a possibility to stay longer at an island location if you wish to, but only if all your crew mates wish so.

3. How do I get to the yacht when the Sonus stages clear up?

Since you’ve partied all night, we thought it’s best that you have an organized transfer back to your yachts, either by bus or a taxi boat, depending on where your yachts are docked. That way you really don’t need worry about reaching it, and you won’t be asking your mates: “Dude, where’s my yacht”?