Serene islands

As the summer season approaches, the island of Pag gets busier and truely full of life. Novalja and Zrće are the busiest party hub in the Adriatic, due to the number of festivals and music events that take place on the island. It’s no surprise that it’s been dubbed as the Ibiza of the Balkans numerous times. In regard to its looks, first-time visitors might be surprised to learn that Pag island is very rocky, with limited fauna and greens around the island. Pag island is the 5th largest island in Croatia, and the one with the longest coast in the Adriatic sea. Sail 2 Sonus tour allows you to get to see some other islands in the area, and experience a more varied island exploration. The islands Maun, Silba, Ist, and Molat are smaller and less frequented, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to relax and discover some authentic Adriatic paradise.

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Sonus Festival 2017.
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